Over mij

Behind every company is a person with a passion and a story. You found your way to my website and you got an idea what CB stands for. But who is the person behind CB? I would like to let you 'look inside Danielle'.

I graduated in business communication and then built up 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry. This means that entrepreneurship always flows through my veins.

The love for fashion has always been there. Where as a child I walked through the house on my mother's heels, I now run through life in sneakers myself as a mom. Even when running my catering business, I found putting together the staff outfits one of the nicest tasks that came with my job.

The 'role' in which you move on a daily basis will be reinforced by the outfit that feels right for you that day. Where the sneaker will enhance the feeling of comfort, the high heels will boost self-confidence.

For me, the woman comes completely to herself. No pressure, no hasty decisions, but the creation of your unique personality!